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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Gateway To University.

hai readers..
how are you??Is everything Ok??
today i would like to story my experience become deputy director for programe Gateway To University.
this programe was held on last 27-29 March. This programe was involve by Pra-U SMK Sg Kob, Kulim. The objective of this programe was for give expirence university life to the students and give support to them to study until get enter University. We also sharing our knowledge to them on how to study at school and manage programe.

 So many activities that we held such as ride horse at Equinistarian Centre UUM, Go-Kart, explorace, latihan dalam Kumpulan(LDK) and sharing experience with UUM students. The students so sporting and enjoy with the activities that we do.

To all sis and bro, i hope that you will strunggle to your study untul you get University.. i will wait for you September 2015 next year ok.. I will pray for your sucsess..
Good Luck for STPM... 


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