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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Student Leadership Camp 2014

           Hai everybody, i hope all of you in good condition.. Now the weather quit hot,so don't forget to bring mineral water and umbrella when you're going outside. It's will prevent you from getting fever and most important prevent from become BLACK..!!!
           Last semester break i was be choosen to involve in Student Leadership Camp (SLC) that was be held by BIRO LATIHAN & PEMBANGUNAN (B2P) UUM.. The program has been divide by 4 series.. The first series only talk by head department of all department in UUM,such as safety(UK),healthy(PKU),charity and department of student and alumni.

           The second series we be given a task to make Almanak for 2014 activity. So there, we need to plan not more than 25 activity. All the activity that we plan,need be held by using the budget that be given by Department Student and Alumni(HEP)..
           The third series we are going to Biro Tata Negara (BTN) camp at Pendang Lake Resort. The camp since 3 days 2 night. The most activity that i really like and can't forget is we need to make a research about geograpy in that area. We are going to ask the community about their problem. I feel that time like reporter, asking and make a note that we need to present what we get to the audience and the panel. So interesting. It give me an experience how to handle the community and how to be close with them,so that the don't fell alien with me.
          The last series is the best part. We're going to Hotel Tabung Haji. We need to present our almanak to the panel. And the most consentrate is about our hi-impact program. My secretariat are choosing Career and Enterpeneur Fair. After the presentation we have a dinner and have various show from very group. Its so funny and best.

         This camp give me a lot of new thing and experience. Beside that, we also can make more coverage with other secretariat. This camp is very good to student that will become a leader in one time soon. I hope that if i be a leader soon, people will like me and comfortable with my way. That all from me for this entry, see you soon..
Monday, 24 February 2014


Hi readers..!!
i'm very happy to knowing you alls..
My name is Nurul Syazwani Bt Abdullah..
my family call me achiq and sometimes they call me chonie..
so you my call me either one..
i'm from Pulau Pinang..

get birth,school and everything there..
i'm no 4 from 5 siblings,so thats why sometimes i'm look like childish,
now i'm studying at Universiti Utara Malaysia (Northen University of Malaysia),
in Muamalat Administration..
my matric no is 220069.

i hope that i can be an advisor in Islamic Finance or maybe an enterperneur..
To know me more done forget to Follow my Blog okk bebebhh...

my Family

me and my sis

see  you next entry.. !!!!!