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Thursday, 1 October 2015


lama sangat dah ni biarkan blog ni, smpai tahap berabukk paling maksimum ni...
kalu tgok last post April 2014.. sekrag dah Okt 2015 dah pon..
macm2 dah berlaku sepnjang tempoh ni.. ada duka, ada suka.
nak cerita apa pon x tau, sebb dah lama sgt x kodek3 BLOG ni.. 
eden bukannya rajin sgt + masa pon x berapa byak dok ada. 

sekarang ni dok membilang hari nak abezz sttudy ja nih.. either lepas ni nak sambung study or nak kerja tu ada fikir jgak, tapi keputusan muktamad tu belom dapat.. tah2 abez study ada orang masuk minang, terus kawen jala.. hahhah.. xdak la, joke ja.. sapa la nak kita ni kan, orang pandang pon idokkk..

kawan-kawan pon dah byak yg mendirikan rumah tangga. akan datang ni aishah.. yg dah lepas En Z.. terkejut jgak sebenaqnya, tapi apa boleyh buat, jodoh, rezeki, ajal maut, semua Allah yg tentukan, kita pasrah dan redha jela.. mungkin ada yg lebih baik.. kalu x dak pon, membujang jala sampai ke tua.. aq doakan semoga depa bahagia sampai ke anak cucu jala.. jangan kacau rumah tangga orang yea.. not Good.. just focus on my self jela. 

aq sekarang ni dok sibuk dengan hal praktikum jala, nak settlekan surat menyurat nak anta kat company, then tggu surat tawaran dari depa, then anta pulak surat link UUM ngan company. aq harap sgt praktikal aq ni akan berjalan dengan lancar, semoga Allah permudahkannya and bg kesihatan tubuh badan yang baikk, untuk aq sepanjng tempoh praktikal ni. 

xtau nak tulis apa.. blank, terkedu, ter-apa3 lagi ntah.. 
sampai sini jala.. kalu rajin nnt aq kodek3 lagi, kalu x berhabukk lagi la..
Wednesday, 30 April 2014

I love so much

i Love You...!!
huhuhu...ops..not la..just joke.. i just wanna to share about my favourite activities.
So much thing that I like to do. I cant stay with out doing anything.
such as..
 i love swimming. I feel that when i swim, i will free all my burden. i left all the problem in water.

 i willing to spend my money just to buy DSLR. i have a friend that also intersesting on this activities. We always outing together and snap a picture. I also sometimes join seminar on photography.

jogging can save your body from getting serious sick.
 twice a week i will jog around Sport Centre UUM. 

ok..Thats all from me. 
tq spend your day on reading my entry..


Gateway To University.

hai readers..
how are you??Is everything Ok??
today i would like to story my experience become deputy director for programe Gateway To University.
this programe was held on last 27-29 March. This programe was involve by Pra-U SMK Sg Kob, Kulim. The objective of this programe was for give expirence university life to the students and give support to them to study until get enter University. We also sharing our knowledge to them on how to study at school and manage programe.

 So many activities that we held such as ride horse at Equinistarian Centre UUM, Go-Kart, explorace, latihan dalam Kumpulan(LDK) and sharing experience with UUM students. The students so sporting and enjoy with the activities that we do.

To all sis and bro, i hope that you will strunggle to your study untul you get University.. i will wait for you September 2015 next year ok.. I will pray for your sucsess..
Good Luck for STPM... 
Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Program Translead Maklum

today i would like to story about my last camp at Janda Baik. I was be choosen to participate that camp.
the student that involve for the camp almost 300 hundred students. they come from many university such as Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia(UPNM), Universiti Malaysia Terenggnu(UMT), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia(UTM), International Islamic University Malaysia(UIA) and much more.
my group..(NAGA)


The objective of this program is to build a good leader among students. We are exposed to Image & Social etiquette workshops, social media and word art power. Besides that, we also can make a connection with other student so that after this we can make a join venture programe with them. This programe so best, enjoyble and we get so much knowledge from this.

On the way we're going back to UUM, we visit to Genting Highland for take a rest. So enjoyble..

i hope that our relationship will goes forever..
happy knowing you all..

How to manage your money wisely.

Today i would like to story about money. Many people now a day, they do not know how to manage and use their money wisely. Here i have a tips for you all on how to manage your money.. :) 

Your 20s

Develop your financial intelligence. Your 20s are the time to get your act together, says Hunt. Figure out where your money’s going, come up with a plan for spending and saving it, and regularly monitor your execution of that plan.
Start an emergency fund. Begin putting aside money in a risk-free savings account that you’ll be able to easily access in case something happens, such as a serious illness or job loss. Hunt suggests setting a goal of six months of living expenses.
Open a retirement savings account. Join your company’s 401k plan, and invest at least to the match, which is typically 3% of your income. Hunt also suggests opening and contributing to a Roth IRA. She advises starting by setting aside 5% of your annual income, which would be split between both accounts, and steadily raising the percentage with each salary increase you get.

In Your 30s

Fully fund your 401k and a Roth IRA. Now that your career’s on course, Hunt advises funding your retirement accounts to the maximum. Set up automatic deposits so you don’t have to think about it.
Buy a home. Since you’ve been saving through your 20s, you should be able to use some of that money for a solid down payment. However, Hunt recommends that you don’t buy the house you can afford, and instead she suggests purchasing a home about half that price. Then pay it down as quickly as possible, with a goal of owning it outright.
Don’t succumb to consumer debt. Your 30s are typically the time when you’re having children and settling into a home, which can mean a lot of spending and racking up debt. Beware of lifestyle creep, and stay focused on keeping your debts down.
Set a goal for college savings. If you want to contribute to your children’s college education, Hunt recommends beginning to save as soon as they’re born. She says a state-sponsored 529 plan is usually the best way to go.

In Your 40s

Make retirement savings your main goal. In this decade, even though your kids are nearing college age, Hunt warns against prioritizing saving for their education over your retirement goals. 
Adjust college savings. Now’s the time to check tuition costs and make sure your savings are on track for your children’s college. You may need to adjust those savings or have a conversation with your kids about how much you can afford to help and which schools are realistic for them to attend, she says.
Invest in an index fund portfolio. If you have savings beyond what you need to cover emergencies, Hunt recommends you aggressively build an index fund portfolio at a company like Vanguard or Fidelity. She says your best bet is to set up an automatic purchase plan that steadily adds more shares to your account, and then forget about it. 

My Video..

Enjoy watching.. <3 <3 <3

Sunday, 27 April 2014

My New Friend

hyee readers..
 today i will story about my new friend.

her name is Nur Syahirah Binti Suhaimi

she was born on 17th july 1993 at hospital usm, kubang kerian, kota bharu, Kelantan,

She from Pengkalan Chepa, Kelantan but she lived in Terengganu.

She is doing bachelor of public management in semester 2.

She had completed her STPM at SMK Tengku Ibarahim.

Coming to her family.

She has 8 members in her family.

Her father is a engineer and her mother is a housewife.

She has 6 siblings. She has three sister and a two brother and she is the fourth from them.

Now talking about her strength and weakness.

Myher strength is self motivated and  she is a good listener.

Another more good qualities that she has a patient level.

Her weakness is that she believe people easily.

Coming to her hobbies.

She like sports, skatting, Listening music.

Coming to her goals.

Her short term goal is to be a excellent student and make her parents proud of her.

Her long term goal to be a great muslim in the world. Insyaallah.

that all about my new friend.

this is her Instagram anf Facebook.. all of you may follow her..